Sunday, July 5, 2009

*New Jack City*

The ghost faced, ebony coifed set gathered, waiting for the onslaught of Jack White's newest musical foray- The Dead Weather.  This latest & Greatest was created by the former White Stripes front-man and includes Alison Mosshart [The Kills] Dean Fertita [Queens of the Stone Age] & Jack Lawrence.  [The Raconteurs]

Nashville was the first to hear the announcement of a new band.  Word came thru on 7" vinyl & the invite-only crowd of one-fifty witnessed the big unveil.  It all went down at Jack's new business venture- Third Man Studio.  [a combination office/record shop/photography studio/stage, all rolled into one]  They recorded the album in less than three weeks. between jaunts to the gun range & the circus. [killer fun!]  'Horehound' has a release date slated for July 14th. 

Back to the show-  Friday June 12th in a dead letter city.  The announcement of a *surprise* show in Detroit came thru modern style & hipsters lined up to score tickets.  Some were seduced by the opening act, others spoke incessantly about the current Phish reunion tour.  Everything stopped mid-sentence as they dismissed the lights. 
Alison slid onstage under the cover of darkness, a panther stalking its prey.  She gazed at the crowd, circled around, then pounced! on the microphone.  Angry tirades competed with clashing reverberations; sounding like a vase hurling through the air, smashing into the wall- jagged shards everywhere.
Throughout the night, Jack & Alison played out like Bambi & The Hunter.  She took control of the stage- there is no question.  Jack seemed  to disappear into the shadows, hiding behind his bass drum.  But he provided the soundtrack which transformed her thrashing body into a wounded animal.
Talk about Sexy Rage.  One of the most commanding performances I have seen in two hundred years.  Treacherous stage presence, despite the veil of hair that creates a distance, no- Barrier, between her and her audience.  The delivery is restrained fury.
Word on the Street is that there is tension transpiring among the heavy-hitters.  Who cares?  If we witness it go down on stage- I will provide the boxing gloves.  They did share the microphone for a song- and if I describe it, this will hit x rated status. [not really, but you get tha picture]  I did not notice ominous thunderclouds approaching, but did hear the wind; it was howling.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*Blame It on the Bossa Nova*

bos·sa no·va     (bŏs'ə nō'və, bô'sə) n.
[Portuguese : bossa, trend + nova, new.]
1. A style of popular Brazilian music derived from the samba but with more melodic and harmonic complexity and less emphasis on percussion.
2. A lively Brazilian dance that is similar to the samba.

In Brazil, to do something with 'bossa' is to do it with particular Charm and natural Flair. [innate ability] The exact origin of the term 'bossa nova' remains uncertain, but was initially used to refer to any new 'trend' 'fashionable wave.' The term gained notoriety as a reference to a New Music Style. The creators of 'bossa nova' referred to their new style of work as 'a bossa nova', as in 'the new thing.'